DigiSonic - DS10
  • Brochure 
  • 610k pdf v1 27 June 2011 Full colour, 4 page brochure for the Lindos DigiSonic DS10.
  • Picture 
  • 3.1Mb jpg v1.00 3 February 2006 High resolution jpeg image of the DigiSonic.
  • Manual 
  • 1.7Mb pdf V1.0 14 December 2005 DigiSonic manual, full colour, 25 pages. Wire bound hard copies supplied with all new DS10s.
  • Download DigiSonic  
  • 15.4Mb zip V1.11 27 April 2006 Click to download the latest version of the DigiSonic DS10. If a you to do not have a Dongle the software provides oscillator and level meter functions only.
    Discontinued Products
  • LSC24 Manual 
  • 159k pdf v1.1 3 June 2010 User manual for the LSC24
  • LA1 Manual 
  • 6.1Mb pdf Final version 23 March 2007 16 page scanned copy of the Lindos LA1 Audio Analyser User Manual.
  • LG1 / LM1 Manual 
  • 285kb pdf Final Version 23 March 2007 12 page colour operating manual for the Lindos LM1 Monitor & the Lindos LG1 Generator.
  • LDM24 Manual 
  • 1.3Mb pdf Final Version 23 March 2007 30 page full colour manual for the Lindos LDM24 Digital Monitoring Adapter.
    LM1 & LG1
  • Brochure 
  • 865k pdf First Edition 7 October 2005 Full colour brochure for the Lindos Generator and Lindos Monitor units (2 A4 pages).
  • Manual 
  • 176k pdf First Edition 7 October 2005 User manual for the LM1 and LG1 (11 pages).
  • Download Lin4WinXP 
  • 6Mb zip v6.12 22 June 2012 PC Support Software for the LA100, DigiSonic and MiniSonic audio analysers.
  • Latest Userkey 
  •   dat   17 May 2010 Download the latest Lin4Win licence key file to allow your copy of the software to work with all currently licensed LA100 units. This is not needed for MiniSonic units as they are all supplied with a software licence.
  • Manual 
  • 495k pdf First Edition 27 January 2014 Full colour manual (55 pages).
  • Manual update 6.02 
  • 40k pdf v1 10 March 2006 Addendum to the main Lin4WinXP manual detailing the new features in Lin4WinXP v6.02.
    Lindos Analyser - LA100
  • Manual 
  • 6.3Mb pdf Sixth Edition 27 January 2014 User manual for the LA100 Audio Analyser (216 pages).
  • Application Notes 
  •   html   22 May 2011 This page provides links to detailed instructions pdfs for fitting upgrades and diagnosing and repairing faults on the LA100.
  • Circuit Diagrams 
  • 6.48Mb zip Issue 1 16 February 2006 Microprocessor, power supply, LA101 output and LA102 input circuit diagrams - provided as a collection of zipped GIF files.
  • LA100 Brochure 
  • 500k pdf   1 November 2007 Brochure for the LA100
  • Application Notes (All) 
  • 575k zip v1 13 March 2006 LA100 application notes provided as a zipped collection of pdf files.
  • Picture 
  • 1.4Mb jpg v2 12 June 2006 High resolution picture of the LA101 and LA102.
  • Reference Card 
  • 30k pdf   20 June 2007 LA100 quick reference card.
  • Manual Covers 
  • 1.2Mb pdf v1 11 July 2008 LA100 full colour front and rear manual covers
  • Test Files 
  •   html   15 August 2012 Web page listing LA100 sequences and segments for download in MP3 and WAV format.
  • Din Connector RS232 Details 
  • 31Kb pdf   22 February 2021 Information on RS232 connections for early units.
    MiniSonic - MS1/MS10
  • MiniSonic Brochure 
  • 3.5Mb pdf First Edition 7 October 2005 Full colour brochure for MiniSonic MS1/MS10 (4 A4 pages dispayed in A3 format for ease of printing)
  • Manual 
  • 514k pdf Third Edition 23 September 2005 Packed with useful infomation this vastly extended release not only explains how to operate the MiniSonic, but acts as a detailed reference guide providing information on the testing of everything from loudspeakers and headphones to power amps, MP3 players and even satellite links (81 pages).
  • Test File Downloads 
  •   html   22 June 2011 Web page listing MiniSonic sequences and segments for download in MP3 and WAV format.
  • Test CD2 
  •   html   7 October 2005 Forty tracks of MiniSonic MS10 sequences and tones available on CD and for download.
  • Firmware Version History 
  •   html   23 September 2005 Details of currently available segments and sequences plus supplementary information.
  • MS1 Picture 
  • 1.2Mb jpg v3 7 October 2005 High resolution jpeg picture of the MiniSonic MS1.
  • Remote Command Info 
  • 17k zip   7 October 2005 A collection of pdf datasheets detailing the command language used to control the MiniSonic via a serial connection.
  • Upgrade Instructions 
  • 65k pdf v1 27 November 2006 Instructions for upgrading an MS10 to an MS20.
  • MS10 Picture 
  • 320k jpg v1 8 December 2006 High resolution jpeg picture of the MiniSonic MS10.
    MiniSonic - MS20
  • Manual 
  • 1.7Mb pdf 2nd Edtion 7 April 2010 MiniSonic MS20 manual, full colour, 120 pages. Wire bound hard copies supplied with all new MS20s.
  • Brochure 
  • 2.5Mb pdf v1 21 November 2006 Full colour, 4 page brochure for the Lindos MiniSonic MS20.
  • Picture 
  • 3.0Mb jpg   25 November 2013 High resolution picture of the MiniSonic MS20.
  • UniSon Input and Output Circuits 
  • 10k pdf v1.00 7 October 2005 See the Articles section for further detials on the Lindos UniSon interface.
  • UniSon Logos 
  • 118k zip v1.00 7 October 2005 Graphics for UniSon input and output connectors.

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    MiniSonic Mic Kit

    Lindos has launched a new range of microphones and accessories - bringing clarity and presicion to your music and video recordings.

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    Li-ion Battery Upgrades

    Lindos now offers Lithium battery upgrades to replace the original Nickel Cadmium battery packs supplied with older units.

    Li-ion Upgrade Information

    Wow & Flutter Measurement

    Wow & Flutter Measurement now available for MS20!

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