QUAD - ESL63 - Speaker
SOURCE MS10 V3.0 In lounge (5.0x5.5m) @0.5m L chan
14-Nov-05 08:22 PM

20Hz -17.25 0.00
31Hz -9.37 0.00
40Hz 0.00 0.00
50Hz +4.00 0.00
100Hz +2.50 0.00
315Hz -2.75 0.00
1k0 0.00 0.00
6k3 -0.25 0.00
10k0 -1.12 0.00
12k5 +2.63 0.00
14k0 +5.00 0.00
16k0 -3.62 0.00
20k0 -3.50 0.00
25k0 -11.75 0.00
TL dB -09.64 -39.28
DELms 0000
NOISE ITU-468 Q-Pk REL [n]

Superb speakers, still the best for low colouration. Though pretty loud, the measured max SPL @2m in lounge is only 100dB SPL with 100w/chan amp, and though bass boost below 40Hz can be used to advantage, it provokes cutting out through overload, and ageing as a result of occasional arcing-over if loudness is pushed to the limit, so the use of sub-woofers is to be preferred. My Quads, which get played very loud, have tended to fail every five to ten years (they start sizzling intermittently as they arc over in various spots). On stripping one down (not an easy job as the panels have to be unsoldered, I found the cause of arcing to be the formation of brown spots on the membrane, combined with detachment of the electrode PCB's from the frame in which they are glued. Cleaning the spots off the membranes (which are fairly robust) with a wet cloth,and 'Cif', plus fixing the panels with Evo-stick, effected a full repair. The sealing film, damaged on dismantling, was replaced with overlapping sheets of 'Cling film'. Much cheaper than sending them back! Beware high voltage! Best to check with a high voltage probe before touching.

Lindos MM3 Mic on axis with middle of panel, no EQ

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