Sennheiser - EW100 G2 Wireless Mic System
LINDOS AUDIO SEQUENCE TEST Sennheiser - EW100 G2 Wireless Mic System
SOURCE MS20 V1.3 Osc out -13dBu (single ended)
02-May-12 02:06 PM

20Hz -22.00 0.00
31Hz -12.25 0.00
40Hz -3.87 0.00
50Hz -0.62 0.00
100Hz +0.62 0.00
315Hz +0.25 0.00
1k0 0.00 0.00
6k3 -0.12 0.00
10k0 -0.25 0.00
12k5 -1.87 0.00
14k0 -3.37 0.00
16k0 -5.00 0.00
20k0 -11.12 0.00
25k0 -22.00 0.00
TL dB -25.94 -39.57
DELms 0000
NOISE ITU-468 Q-Pk REL [n]
WTD -66.94 -67.91
-20dB 0.572% 0.478%
0dB 0.091% 0.046%
+8dB 0.069% 0.018%
+12dB 0.227% 0.035%
+15dB 0.886% 0.025%
+18dB 1.13% 0.019%
3k15 00.00
10k0 00.00
15k0 00.00

Wireless transmitter has 3.5mm jack input for use with electret mics that provides 9V power on the tip. This means that Lindos MM4 mics can be used with it.

The receiver has a low output level suitable for feeding direct to a DSLR. The frequency response graph above shows a very steep roll off below 50Hz and above 10kHz. A roll off a 50Hz is ok for speech recording, but bare in mind that the male voice has 50Hz components which though picked up by the G2 system will not be transfered to the DSLR camera without bass correction as the cameras typically roll-off from 200Hz. Use with MP1 preamp in +108 gain position Use with MP1 and camera adapter for improved bass performance down to 50Hz. Use LEAD11 (available from our shop) to connect the G2 receiver to the MP1.

Above -3dBu the input begins to distort (as shown by the distortion bar chart). The device does warn you of this through the "AF Peak light" which turns on at 0dBu 0.2%. 1% distortion occurs 8dB above this. The MP1 clipping will turn-on 3dB before the AF light.

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