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Comparison of sound recorded using the MiniSonic Mic Kit and a Lindos Camera Adapter with the sound from the built-in mics on a Panasonic Lumix GH2 and an EOS 5D mkII
Chris Skirrow (Managing Director of Lindos) talks about the Lindos Camera Adapters

If you want the sound on your videos to be as clear as the picture, then you need The MiniSonic Mic Kit. Ideal for a wide range of situations, the kit can be connected to your camcorder or DSLR to provide crystal clear sound.

Before the advent of the MiniSonic Mic Kit there were three options for capturing sound for video, each of which came with its own problems:

  1. Using the camera's internal microphones: the problem here is that the result is generally coloured, lacking bass and distorted on high levels. Mechanical noise added by the focus and zoom motors can also intrude.

  2. Using separate sound recording equipment: this complicates filming and makes editing more time-consuming as you have to synchronise the sound with the video.

  3. Using an external microphone connected to the camera: this presents its own problems since most cameras have an inbuilt level of wind filtering which reduces the low frequencies (bass) content and cannot be switched off fully (even when menu options to turn wind filtering off are provided!). Also, the microphone input circuitry is generally noisy and adds hiss to your recordings.

The MiniSonic Mic Kit - combined with a Lindos Camera Adapter - solves all of these problems.

Camera/Camcorder Adapter
Camera/Camcorder Adapter

Unlike inbuilt camera mics, our microphones capture sound clearly at all audible frequencies and at high levels. Our preamplifier has its own gain control, which means that you can set the camera's inbuilt gain control to a minimum, thus minimising the amount of camera noise added to the recording. And our range of camera adapters - which connect the preamplifier to the camera - are specially designed to solve the wind filtering problem by equalising the low frequencies.

More about the Lindos Camera Adapters

Each Lindos Camera Adapter has been specially designed to achieve optimal performance from a specific camera. The adapter consists of a cable and connector which attenuates the line-level signal coming out of the preamplifier to a mic-level signal suitable for your camera.

The Lindos Camera Adapters have been designed to correct for each camera's low frequency roll-off restoring solid bass to your recordings.

You can also connect mixers and other line-level sources to your camera via your Lindos Camera Adapter.

Headphone monitoring is also available as an optional extra.

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Video Use
Supported Cameras

New Camera Adapter

Adapters for connecting the MiniSonic Mic Kit to the Panasonic Lumix-GH2 are now available. Now your videos will sound better than ever.

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New Camera Adapter

Adapters for connecting the MiniSonic Mic Kit to the Canon EOS 5D mkII are now available. Now your videos will sound better than ever.

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Connect to iPhone or iPad

Now your audio and video recordings will sound clearer and more realistic than ever.

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