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Lin4WinXP v6.08 Released

Polar plot of Lindos MM3 As well as providing support for Windows 7 Lin4WinXP can now generate microphone polar response plots. Polar plots are created by mounting a microphone on a turntable in-front of a speaker outputting a tone at a fixed level. As the turntable rotates Lin4WinXP records the incoming level and draws a graph. Microphone manufacturers need these tools for development, generating specifications and production testing.

Contact Lindos for advise on turntables to use.

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    Wow & Flutter Measurement now Available for the MS20

    Wow & Flutter measurement now available for MS20 Wow and flutter measurement is carried out on audio tape machines, cassette players and turntables (vinyl records) in order to quantify the amount of 'frequency wobble' (caused by tape speed fluctuations). Though tape is more or less obsolete these days there are 70 years of recorded analogues tape in archives around the world; much of which is being migrated into digital libraries and technicians need tools like the MS20 to keep their playback decks in top working condition.

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    LA1s Highly Sought After

    New Lindos website launched Original LA1s designed over 25 years ago have become a highly sought after collectors item. Collectors buying from the online auction site have been paying up to 500 to secure one of the original handmade units.

    The LA1 unit was designed and built in the garage of Lindos company founder Pete Skirrow back in the late 1970's and went on to be widely used by the BBC and other broadcasters and studios worldwide.

    Production of the LA1 ceased in 1984 with the introduction of the LA100, however our dedicated team here at Lindos continue to provide support and repairs for the unit and can even provide a Lithium-ion battery upgrade for
    customers on request.

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    MiniSonic Mic Kit

    Lindos has launched a new range of microphones and accessories - bringing clarity and presicion to your music and video recordings.

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    MiniSonic MS20

    The MiniSonic MS20 is a combined oscillator and measuring set in a stand-alone unit, which is both compact and portable.

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    Lindos proposes UniSon standard to standardise analogue levels for ease of interworking between professional and consumer equipment.

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