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SONY - HDR-FX1E HD Camcorder  

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Pete Skirrow
In-Out on Line input setting
Poor LF response, needs compensating. Noise acceptable though 12db worse than true 16-bit performance.

Audio level is set to 4, at which unity gain in-out is acheived. Input is -16dBu (-10dB Unison AL) which just ....
Sony - DCR-VX1000E  

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Pete Skirrow
Line in using MVX2 adaptor
Fitted with Lindos MVX2 input adaptor which provides a 'Unison' line-level input (AL=0dBu balanced or -6dBu single-ended on a D-type connector) and incorporates appropriate attenuation to accept balanced or unbalanced input at standard levels. It ....

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