MiniSonic MS10 Upgrade

MiniSonic MS20 - Front Panel
MiniSonic MS20 - Front Panel
MiniSonic MS20 Front Panel
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Any MS10 can be upgraded to an MS20 simply by fitting a new MS20 front panel. This involves removing six screws, disconnecting the ribbon cable that connects the MS10 front panel to the main PCB, pushing the ribbon from the new MS20 front panel in place and replacing the screws. Upgrades are provided in kit form for fitting by the customer and the whole process takes no more than five minutes.

Upgrading an MS10 to an MS20 has the following benifits:

  • Bright OLED display, with 180 viewing angle.
  • Decimal readout of all measurements, including simultaneous level, frequency and phase display.
  • Displays graphs of frequency and phase response, headroom and noise against time.
  • Internal flash memory storage of sequence results, user settings and presets.
  • Configuration options.
  • Sequence editor display.

    For more information on the MS20 please click here.

    To download the fitting instructions please click here.

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    MS10 Upgrade Testimonial

    "A very worthwhile upgrade which makes the unit much easier to operate.
    Great display!"
    Chris Thorpe, CTP Systems