LA100 Test Files

Click here (150Mb) to download a zipped collection of popular LA100 test sequences in WAV format. All sequences are provided in 24bit 96kHz and 16bit 48kHz versions. MP3 files are available below.

The recordings are aligned to -18dBFS. 16bit files have had noise-shaped dither applied. Residual noise: 16bit files -66dB 468-wtd rel -18dBFS, 24bit files -84dB 468-wtd rel to -18dBFS.

A collection of spot tones is available to download from our test CD1 page here.

AL= -18dB FS 24bit 48kHz sampling
Digital Test   2Mb Run segments TUNLDZB
FM Transmitter Test   2Mb Runs segments VRAGNY
Lines Test   2Mb Runs segments TOCENZ.
General Test   2Mb Runs segments TRCINZ

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