Lithium-ion Battery Upgrade  (Available for all Lindos LA100s)

Lindos now offers Lithium battery upgrades to replace the original Nickel Cadmium battery packs supplied with older units. These kits can be fitted by the user or by us for no extra charge. If you plan on fitting the kit yourself it is important to establish the type of power supply unit used within your LA100. The power supply unit is located at the back right hand corner of the top board, remove the top cover to inspect the unit. Switchmode PSUs have a picture of a Gorilla on them. The transformer type (linear) will either say OB6/6 or OB6/5. Please state the PSU type on your order.

Lithium-ion batteries have many advantages over NiCads:

  • Negligible self-discharge, even after months of storage
  • Environmentally friendly - no heavy metals or free lithium
  • Light weight - saves 430g/15oz over NiCad battery
  • Lower cost of replacement battery
  • Self-terminating charge cycle - no battery degradation with continuous operation
  • Powers an LA101 or LA102 for >3 hours
  • Typically 1000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Must be used with a special charger fitted to the power board
  • Supplied as standard on new units, existing units can be upgraded
  • Better end-point handling - longer warning, controlled turn-off.
  • 2 cells per battery, internally protected against over-current and over-voltage. 3.6V per cell nominal.
  • Battery voltage ranges between 8.4V and 5.5V with a linear relation between capacity and voltage. Discharging below 5.5V causes the battery protection to appear open circuit.
  • 1,850mAh capacity, 200mA initial charge rate.
  • Lindos has tested these batteries for many years finding excellent charge retention over time.

    Fitting the Lithium-Ion Battery Upgrade (Linear PSU)
    Fitting the Lithium-Ion Battery Upgrade (Switching PSU)
  • Old style Nickel-Cadmium battery pack
    Old style Nickel-Cadmium battery pack
    Old NiCad battery pack.
    Click for larger image.

    New Lithium-ion battery upgrade
    New Lithium-ion battery upgrade
    Lithuim-ion battery upgrade.
    Click for larger image.

    Sub PCB for linear upgrades
    Sub PCB for linear upgrades
    Sub-PCB for linear upgrades.
    Click for larger image.

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